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100 ways to cook an egg?

According to legend (a.k.a. wikipedia), the folds in a chef’s hat used to represent the number of ways s/he knew how to cook an egg, with the vaunted 100-fold hat reserved for the heads of only the most knowledgeable culinary experts. But are there really 100 ways to prepare eggs? Lifestyle & Nosh set out on an exploration to find out, and our answer is a decidedly delicious “yes.”

We’re reporting back and presenting our 100 favorite ways to cook an egg. If you’ve ever looked in the fridge and said, “I’ve got tons of eggs, but no idea what to cook with them,” well, you have no excuse to ever do that again. Just come right back here. Or better yet, print this out and hang it in your kitchen!


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timthumb soft-boiled-egg-1-600-x-398 eggram633 gnocchi1
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oeufengelee mote-pillo croque-madame-grilled-cheese-sandwich-egg friedegg0
984446-eggs-and-anchovies tajine_omelette carbonara_02 eggtoast05
bacon_eggs_final scrambled_eggs img_2198b eggdropsoup
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shakshouka-one tea_egg-6455_tea_egg oeufs-mollets-florentine-soft-boiled-eggs-with-spinach-and-mornay-sauce oatmeal-version-whole



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