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An invitation only platform to conduct property transactions, between validated buyers and seller. We are redefining the commercial property landscape forever.


How does Repvex work?

Repvex is an invitation only platform, that allows property transactions to be advertised from verified sellers to verified buyers. We eliminate the middle man, and create a unique, safe platform for transactions to be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Our system will redefine the way commercial property transactions are shared, marketed and distributed, eliminating several layers of middle men that can distort and disrupt the balance of buying and selling commercial property.

  • Invite only

    The platform is designed around the investment needs of institutions, family/multi family offices, sovereign wealth funds and HNW individuals across the globe.

  • Information Packs

    Repvex provides fully documented Information packs directly from the seller, after the buyers verification process.

  • Safe Environment

    All information is stored safely and securely. We adhere to all Data Protection Act rules and have multiple security features built into our in-house server based platform.

  • Simple Fee Structure

    Repvex only charges a fee upon a successful transaction. A rolled up fee will be applied at a monthly rate of 0.075% per month to our sellers or buyers seeking assets.


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